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6 Characteristics of Achievable Goals

I have been thinking a lot about what makes a person take action towards her/his dreams this last week.

There are so many different ways and methods promising to get us from A to B, but what does a goal need to entail in order for us to take the leap, to jump, to take the risk and serious action?

I think, to simplify this complex topic, it can be boiled down to the following 6 characteristics of achievable goals:

  • self-initiating

  • positively formulated

  • realizable

  • attractive

  • time-based dimension

  • as concrete as possible

If it's not in your power to act and you can't self-initiate your next steps, it's hard for you to move. t's not in your hands. At least parts of your goal should be self-directed and not dependent on a certain outcome or reaction.

Our brain doesn't understand a "no". Try not to think about the pink elephant. This is why you should formulate your goal positively. Instead of thinking "My goal is to get away from that job." think "My goal is to move towards my vocation."

If your goal is an incredibly big dream that is hard to realize in the world and situation you're in, it might be a nice dream but won't find its way into reality. The same counts for when your dream is big but doable and you miss to divide it into several subgoals. You'll be so intimidated that you won't move in the first place.

Most importantly, your goal needs to be attractive. Why would you like to move towards it otherwise? For instance, if you gained nothing out of working out, why would you go through the trouble? This counts for so many steps in our lives. There might be some subgoals that won't be attractive but lead to a highly attractive bigger goal. This is then a pill worth taking and worth to zoom out and look at the big picture.

It is proven that if you have a clear deadline written down, the probability to follow through with your plan is a lot higher. This probability increases even more so if you tell someone about it and make a commitment. For instance, if you wanted to write an article and you commit to send it to be prove read by a friend until a certain date, the probability of you sitting down and actually start writing is a lot higher than just committing to a quiet deadline within yourself.

The blurrier the goal, the harder it is to act. How could you take action if you can't focus in on at least the next 3 steps forward? Be concrete. Think about all the aspects that your goal involves. Values, people, environment, feelings... the more, the better!

Keep this in mind, plan your goals according to those criteria and the probability of making them a reality will increase.

Good luck and remember, Rome wasn't built in a day either!

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