My Top 5 Confidence Boosters

How to become more confident is a topic as old as civilisation. There is no magic pill to become more confident but I am convinced that you have to train yourself just like you would building any other muscle. So today, I want to share some vitamins to strengthen the confidence muscle.

Before we dive in deeper I can say one thing that rings true whatever measures you decide to take: You have to do it, to do it. And you have to do it every day to make your confidence a habit.

I've collected 5 exercises that sound almost too simple and profane to be true but they have actually proven to work and are worth a try if you would like to improve your confidence.

Albert Bandura, psychologist who defined the term self-efficacy and also developed the well-known learning theories said: „Self-belief does not necessarily ensure success but self-disbelief assuredly spawns failure."

„Self-belief does not necessarily ensure success but self-disbelief assuredly spawns failure." - Albert Bandura

Especially if you currently find yourself in a transformation and could use a confidence boost - this week might be the week to step it up a little and get out of your comfort zone. Would you be up for a little personal challenge? You can either choose one of the exercises below and do it every day for the rest of the week or try one each and see what feels best for you.

You'll be on your way and have more confidence before you know it!

And these are my personal top 5 confidence boosters:

1. Get out of your comfort zone

Confidence is being comfortable in a wide range of situations as well as being ok with not being comfortable in new situations. Stretch your comfort zone every day and you'll be more confident even when outside of it. You can talk to a stranger if you're a shy person or you might write an initiative application to a job you'd love to have.

2. Celebrate your successes

We are usually great in remembering things that didn't go well and like to forget the amazing and unique set of skills that is ours alone. Think of one challenge that you managed in the last months and think how you overcame that challenge. What did you do and which skills did you have to use? What does this say about you as a person? Allow yourself to be proud of yourself.

3. Watch your posture

Literally. This week I'd like to invite you to be hyper aware of your posture and correct it if you find yourself not sitting or standing up straight. It makes such a difference. As a performance coach working with people on verbal and non-verbal levels, I've seen it numerous times. You might not feel confident yet on the inside but the way you decide to carry yourself will eventually make a difference on the way you feel.

4. Dress for confidence

I know how this sounds. I'm not necessarily talking about suiting up and wear high heals though - unless that's your jam, then go ahead! Choose your clothes consciously and choose the outfits that make you feel confident. A study found out that, when they gave a group of people who weren't doctors or scientists white coats, these people had a better focus and were able to concentrate for longer than the group without the coats. It's kind of hilarious.

5. Practice a growth mindset

Get into the habit of asking „What should be different?" and „What could be instead of my problem?" instead of asking yourself why the situation is so difficult and go down the downward spiral. A growth mindset believes that things can change and improve, that it is in your power to do better next time and that we are all constantly becoming.

Don't forget: You are always 'becoming' and never remain static. :-)

If you have any questions or thoughts you'd like to share, feel free to contact me!

I always like to hear your thoughts.

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